robfaceI write things on the internets, mostly about technology and video games, with a nice side dish of mobile game and book reviews. I currently write articles on tech news for Engadget, curriculum for an online high school out of the University of Missouri, and I do page layouts for a local printed real estate book. I also contribute to a local printed alt-weekly, the Anchorage Press.

I edit things, too, though it’s tricky to show this off; editors rarely get the credit they deserve. I’ve got nothing but praise for the folks that have helped me present my best writing self and I strive to be that person for the writers I get to edit. I was the main Editor at 148Apps for a few years and have enjoyed watching all our writers grow into superstars.

I’ve also done a little PR work; I got my first taste this past July and August with the pros at Stride PR. I’ve also worked with the talented folks over at Novy Unlimited. In fact, I still write mock reviews for them — it’s a way to provide developers with feedback from professional game reviewers before a real launch.

I’ve been working in the game/tech/writer space for a while now (crazy to think it’s been almost 10 years). I co-founded Games Are Evil and The Portable Gamer in 2008 and 2009, I was the Editor for the excellent mobile app site 148Apps for a good bit after that, moving to a full-time position at Apple-focused Cult of Mac.  I also wrote book reviews for Shelf Awareness for a five-year period and contributed regularly to places like Chartboost, Folks, OpenStack, VentureBeat, Paste, and more. Here’s another way to find my written work: roblef.contently.com.

Clicking through to the sites above will give you all of the writings I’ve done for each outlet; click on the sections themselves up top will give you a nicely curated list of some of my best/favorite work from each place.

I also do behind-the-scenes consulting for various gaming companies large and small. I’ve also just begun copyediting novels for first-time authors.  Email me for details.

If you need to contact me (preferably to assign me some work), hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, or right here: